Kayaking the generous St Johns River

The St Johns River is still running high with a lot of the swamp way back through the trees. In the spring run we found some clear water, Long-nosed Gar, Tilapia, Mullet and Catfish right under our kayaks. The Green Fly Orchid in bloom is growing right next to the Resurrection Fern, Spanish Moss, Quill-leaf and other Air Plants. The Turtles were taking full advantage of the sun and Great Blue Herons were out fishing along the river’s edge. We saw some Little Blue Herons in both their white and blue phase, White Ibis, Cattle Egrets, Anhingas and Cormorants which were also feeding from the generous river. The sky is now that beautiful Fall Florida blue and the old Cabbage Palms make for great Woodpecker condos. What a great day to be out paddling.

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