Family Fun kayaking the St Johns River January 2017

Fred and Jane brought their Grandsons out to kayak the St Johns River today and with lots of wildlife awaiting our arrival, we set off on our adventure. The boys ages 10 and 14 took right to paddling the kayaks like they had done it all their lives. We got to see Limpkins, white phase & adult Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons along with Bald Eagles, Anhingas, Cormorants, Glossy and White Ibis. The Turtles were taking advantage of the sunny day and we got to see an Alligator or two. We watched a Snowy Egret ride on top of a Manatee’s back while it was feeding and that was a really cool sight. There were Manatees in the spring run and we saw several out feeding along the weed line of the river. The sky was that beautiful Florida blue and it was a perfect day on the water!  

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