An awesome Friday morning kayak adventure... TGIF

It was just Chandra and I this morning paddling Rock Springs Run. This little slice of the river has got to be one of the prettiest places in Central Florida to kayak. We only saw a couple of other paddlers and then we had the whole place to ourselves. Above us we could hear Red-shouldered Hawks calling each other and a Great Blue Heron lit off in front of us. There were dozens of Yellow and Red-bellied River Turtles sunning and we watched a Limpkin prodding the lilies for its favorite snack, the Apple Snail. The Red Maples and Sweet Gum trees think its Spring already and are popping with new growth. After our lunch break we headed up Emerald Cut. It’s a challenging place to paddle, that’s the fun of it and the view is stunning. Like no other place in Orlando. We slowly made our way around sharp corners and over submerged logs. Once we got to the top we turned around and rode the river back. It’s an absolute hoot and made for an epic day on the river!    

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