A little Family Fun on the Wild and Scenic Wekiva River I

Steve, Tonya and their 3 kids came out for a Wekiva River I kayak tour with us this morning and being their first time paddling they were a little apprehensive. It wasn’t but a few minutes before they took to it like Ducks to water. Steve wanted a picture of a Florida Alligator and we got to see one sunning on a log. Thank the Lord for zoom cause he was a rather big fellow :-). There were Wood Ducks and Common Moorhens with their little chicks swimming around and Ospreys flying overhead. We also saw Limpkins, Great and Little Blue Herons and many more of our feathered friends. The Turtles were out in force and the sky was that Summer time Florida blue. It was a beautiful day to be on the water!  

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