Life is Good on the St Johns River

Summertime on the St Johns River is a special season. Just the Native species stick around this time of year. Cicadas are humming in the trees, Spanish Moss swaying in the warm breeze, Turtles out sunning and Look… there’s a Manatee! As we were paddling by we saw 4 of them rolling around playing, heard them coming up for a breath and then they would disappear into the tea colored St Johns. The spring run is nice and cool this time of year and you can see the fish swimming right underneath your kayak. The birds were out playing too. We saw 2 Purple Gallinules, an Osprey came flying by with his fresh catch of the day, a calico Little Blue Heron was sitting up in the old Oak Tree and later there was a Limpkin overhead preening and calling out. It was a celebration of life and an awesome day to be on the river! 

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