A nice get away from the crowd, August 10, 2013

Mary with the baby gator on the dock

As we left the landing the first thing in site was the native Scarlet Hibiscus, a beautiful red, yellow and maroon flower. As we were getting ready to take a few photos Andrea says "is that a Bear?!?" Wow, that is a Bear! He was playing in one of the yards and we didn't seem to bother him a bit. Then there were Turkeys and Deer and I couldn't get my camera to move fast enough to get shots of it all. We saw several Gators, the Red-bellied Turtles were out sunning and the yellow Spatterdock flower dotted color throughout the day. The Anhingas, Great Egrets, Ibis, Great Blue Herons all greeted us as we paddled by and the bird of the day was the calico Little Blue Heron. It's good to see them doing well. We stopped at Wilson's Landing to have a picnic and it was all downstream from there. With the wind at our backs we moseyed on... taking it all in. The Cicadas, Pig Frogs and the Barred Owls serenaded us back to Katie's Landing and the sky was that beautiful Florida summer blue.

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