Merry Christmas Manatee Tour

It was a bit windy as we started our journey on the St Johns River this morning but it died down as the day went on. Around the island we got to see the first Great Blue Heron nest of the season, a Limpkin and Little Blue Heron sharing a branch and a few Snowy Egrets out feeding. The birds are starting to get their breeding plumage going and their fluff is starting to show. We paddled on toward the Manatee sanctuary to see what encounters we might have and sure enough there they were. The babies are so curious and swam right under our kayaks while the larger ones were spotted coming in and out of Blue Springs looking for breakfast. As we kayaked around the oxbow the Great Egrets were like sentinels in the marsh and in Snake Creek we spotted several small Alligators. Then Ben found the day's first Red-bellied Turtles. Back toward the Manatee spot they came out to greet us again and Molly got a quick lift from one on the way back to the launch. It was a great group to be paddling with and a great day to be on the river.
Below are some photos Tim shared with us from the GoPro...
Thanks Tim Awesome shots!!!

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The Boyd's said...

Sam posted:
Oh thanks for the link and a fabulous time. We all loved it! I'll certainly post on trip advisor.
Here's a few of the pics from the go pro, Tim will send more when we're home next week.
Enjoy your holidays - Merry Christmas