The Crystal Clear Waters of Blue Springs June 25, 2015

Paddling the St Johns River this morning with 2 families from MN and TX. We headed out to the back waters looking for the wildlife and found some Snowy Egrets, Great and Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets and an Osprey out fishing. The Red-shouldered Hawks were calling in the swamps and a Swallow-tailed Kite flew overhead. We kayaked over to enjoy the cool clear water of the spring run and wow what a difference the shade made. It's like Nature's A/C. There were tons of fish under our kayaks and that Alligator that's found a cool spot to sit on the bottom was there again. He's become a regular and what a sight he is. This is the epitome of Florida and it was a great day for paddling!

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The Boyd's said...

Dawn posted:
Thank you Jen! We really enjoyed it! Kenny was great! Dylan especially enjoyed him. A very great time and the scenery was amazing!