Sightseeing on Rock Springs Run Feb 23, 2014

We're on our way!

The clear waters of Rock Springs Run

White Ibis, the Sentinel of the dock

River Cooter and Red-bellied Turtles

Florida's state tree, the Cabbage or often called Sabal Palm

An immature Black Crowned Night Heron

He's not the one that was talking earlier but he sure has a nice perch there in the sun

Another Gator friend

From Finland to the US and Rock Springs Run ;-)

The whole Gang

Royal Fern in bloom

Stef and the Marsh Fern

The Giant Leather Fern

Blue sky, clear waters and some really tall Saw Grass

Dina and the Turtles

As we got going down the spring run, the sun was starting to peek through the clouds. Talking about the different animals and birds we were seeing all the sudden we heard this low rumble. It was the call of the wild! A male Alligator looking for a girlfriend. There was an immediate hush from the crowd, respectfully, he was no where to be found, most likely way off in the woods but that sound just reverberates off the water and it's so unique that... well I would think any Gator Woman would have a hard time resisting the call  ;-). We got to see lots of Turtles and a few other Gators. The Ferns are coming out and the Spatterdock, Duck Potato, Blackberries and Virginia Willow are all starting to bloom. I'll just let the pictures above and the videos below tell the story!

The low rumble of the Gator's mating call

Kenny the snail hunter ;-)

This is Teemu's link to his blog and story of our RSR tour.


Dina said...

Hey Jenny! I had a wonderful trip with you and Kenny. I already posted my review on trip Advisor with my photos. Hope to do it again.


Stefanie said...

Tks! Had a great time. See you next year.

Teemu Kujala said...

Hi Jen and Kenny,

Big Thanks belongs to You!
We will make a great review.

Here is some photos in our kayaking blog:

Unfortunately most of text is in finnish language, but photos tells it all in international language :)

Video is coming later when we are back to Finland.
I definitely let you know then :D

We will see again!

Best regards

Teemu Kujala