Salute to the Veterans St Johns River Yaking November 11, 2014

It was a cool morning and as we started our excursion the sun shining on our shoulders felt really good. There are several Manatees coming in now to bask in the safety of Blue Springs, their Winter home. We found many of them feeding quietly along the weed line. Up by the spring run a few stopped to take a look at our boats and around Snake Creek we found a Little Blue Heron in the white phase next to a Snowy Egret that was standing on top of a Manatee ;-). They were all feeding and this was a first for us. As the Manatee bobbed up and down it would scare minnows and insects to the surface and the Little Blue and Snowy took full advantage of the free meal! The Turtles were out sunning and birds out having a blast enjoying the cool Fall weather. It's a great time of year to be here!

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