Kayaking with the wild Florida Orchids November 5, 2013

Damsel Fly hitchin' a ride on Kenny's knee

Anhinga take off

White Ibis rooting around

The treasured Limpkin

Fishing Spider and Apple Snail Eggs

Beautiful Black Crowned Night Heron

Ruth with camera in hand ;-)

Ruth's Florida postcard with the state tree, the Cabbage Palm, in the background

Ahh the Ladies Tresses Orchid!

Ruth at the Horseshoe

This is Ruth's Silver River... with a few sprawling Cypress Knees as the backdrop
Ruth came down from IL to stay with a few friends in Ocala and on the itinerary was a kayak tour of the Silver River. She and Kenny hit the river just in time to see the illusive Ladies Tresses Orchids in bloom. The Great Blue, Little Blue, Green and Black Crowned Night Herons were all taking in the day as were the Fishing Spider, Limpkin, Anhingas, Kingfishers and the Phoebes. The Pie Billed Grebes are down here now celebrating the warmth of Florida and the Red-bellied Turtles, River Cooter Turtles and Little Gator we saw were all doing the same.

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Anonymous said...

I had a great time with Kenny showing me all the wonderful sights of the Silver River. Can't wait to go again!