Kayaking with the Manatees on the St Johns River December 3, 2014

Today was a day for Family and Friends. With 3 generations on the St Johns River it was a fun time. The Great Blue Herons were chasing each other around sounding off like Teridactiles and the Manatees were passing by us just feet away. The Red-bellied and River Cooter Turtles were out sunning in bunches and we got to see a big Gator hiding behind the Water Hickory branches. There was a smaller 3 foot Gator soaking up some Sun and the Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets and Little Blue Herons were fishing and flying around too. The Cormorants are a comical sight sitting on the barrier for the Manatee Sanctuary, they are the Sentinels of the Spring Run... and Allijo and Hannah gave the best bird calls of the day!  

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Kurt posted:
Thank you very much. We all had a wonderful time. Your knowledge of the St. John's ecosystem was very appreciated and was prefect in helping us to connect with the environment. This was a trip that we will all remember. My parents both mentioned that your tour was the perfect antidote to the overstimulation of Disney World. Hope to see you again some day.