A kayak trip on Florida's "first" highway January 2, 2014

The St Johns River was one of Florida's first highways with steam powered paddle wheel boats bringing commerce to the Central Florida area. As Jonathan, Donna, Sean and I began our trip we got to see 2 Purple Gallinules and then an American Bittern took off nearby. The Snowy, Great and Cattle Egrets, Moorhens, Little and Great Blue Herons were packing in the chow as the cold front approaches. The Anhingas are in abundance and it's evident they are looking for mates. The Manatees were coming in and out of the spring run, while the Cormorants were fishing & playing but the Bald Eagle is still the sentinel of the river! The Red-shouldered Hawks are making a racket pairing up too and they are always fun to watch. Snake Creek shared more jewels with us, a Brown Water Snake sunning in the Milkweed, a few young Alligators and several Turtles along the way. Heading back, we had a southwest wind that blew us to the take out point and that always makes for a nice ride ;-).

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Donna Yeung said...

Thanks for another great trip, Kenny