Paddling the St Johns with the Florida Manatees November 30, 2013

Saturday, the last day of November 2013, was a great day to be on the St Johns River. The clouds cleared, the sun came out and the Manatees were abound. The Red-bellied and River Cooter Turtles were out sunning with the Gators. The Cormorants, Anhingas, Great Blue and Little Blue Herons were fishing for breakfast and so were the Snowy and Great Egrets. This is one of  the few places on the river that we get to see the Cattle Egrets and they were out playing too. The White Ibis were rooting up the ground looking for grub and Snake Creek's Milkweed is blooming up a storm. The river, as she usually is, was very kind to us today with the Moon Flower, Spatterdock, Sea Myrtle and Climbing Aster getting showier by the minute.

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Denise Covert said...

The tour was awesome! Saw a lot of manatees! Kenny was terrific and very knowledgeable. Thank you!!