Kayaking near Winter Park, FL May 15, 2014

Ominous clouds were on the horizon but we trekked on and made it! As we headed up to the Spring Run the tea colored water gave way to the crystal clear and we saw tons of Long-nosed Garfish just below our kayaks. A sunning Turtle and 3 ft Gator were laying on a log just below the Live Oaks that are covered with Air Plants, Quill-leaf, Resurrection Fern and Spanish Moss. We had an encounter with a lone Manatee hanging out in the Spring and that was a cool sight. As we started back toward the island the southerly winds helped us get there. Around the island, there were lots of Great Blue Herons, young and old, out feeding and a few still in their nests. We also got to see some Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, a Sandhill Crane flyby and a Purple Gallinule. At the end of the tour, I said goodbye to my paddling friends, loaded the kayaks and as I got in the truck, the sky opened up and poured rain...it was great timing and a great morning!

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