Kayaking Blue Springs in Orange City, FL July 12, 2014

We started our St Johns River tour with a treat. There were 3 Manatees rolling in the water right close to us. Up they came for a quick breath then down with their tales disappearing into the dark water. The Great Blue Herons and Ospreys were out fishing and an Anhinga was sitting on a branch drying his wings. Up in Blue Springs another Manatee gave us a few more passes. The Long-nosed Gar, Mullet, Tilapia, Catfish and Bream could all be seen in the clear 72 degree water. Spanish Moss, Bartram's Air Plant and Quill-leaf all grow like crazy in this tropical oasis that is the spring run. We even found some Resurrection Fern with Butterfly Orchids blooming on the old Oak Tree. It was a wonderful day to discover Florida's wildlife.  

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