From Canada, Florida and Kentucky, kayaking Rock Springs Run brings us all together

Jow, Debbie, Evan, Jarrod, Steve and Kenny braved the overflowing Rock Springs Run July 25th, that made it sound like there are rapids here or something...none of that, remember this is Florida... but the rivers sure are enjoying the rains. It was a good trip for overcast skies, a little sun and a quick shower to cool us off, nothing scary. The Great Blue and Little Blue Herons came out to greet us as we floated by, the Swallow-tailed Kites were out soaring and the Limpkins were rooting around for snails. The Turtles came out to bask in the sun as did the Banded Water Snake and even a few Gators came out to say hello. Debbie got to sit next to one ;-). Stopping at Big Buck, the water is 1/2 way up the roadway so we got to paddle almost all the way to the picnic table, that was a nice surprise and Steve gave the big "muscle it up" for the camera as we approached the homeward stretch. Life is always good on the river!!

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Debbie, Jow, Evan and Jarrod said...

Hi Jen, Hi Kenny

We’re back home in Toronto now. Thank you for another great kayaking day. This longer Rock Springs tour was a definitely a highlight of our trip this summer. Evan thoroughly enjoyed it (you may not have been able to tell, but he did!) and Jarrod tried to take fewer rests/naps this time. Kenny, thank you for taking care of us on the water and teaching us about nature. Your photos and write-up are awesome. We always mention your tour to our friends. Until the next time, take care.

Our best to you,
Debbie, Jow, Evan and Jarrod Lee