First swim tour of the year, Rock Springs Run April 25, 2014

We hit Rock Springs Run at 9:30 with a nice 1 hour drift downstream. There were lots of fish bedding on the river bottom and with the clear waters you could see Red-bellied Sunfish, Bass and Tilapia. There were Turtles out sunning and a few small Gators too. We got to see the Limpkins with their youngens, stopped in the flats and found Freshwater Mussels, Clams and Apple Snails. We paddled back up to the swimming hole and some even took a cool dip in the rough ain't it? ;-).

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The Boyd's said...

Hi Jenny, Kenny & Randall,

Leanne posted;
We had an amazing time this morning, thank you for showing us all of Florida's amazing wildlife & flora & fawn. We found he area extremely peaceful & relaxing & the children enjoyed the swimming at the end. We will look forward to seeing you all again in the near future.

Leanne & family