Family fun... paddling with the Manatees Dec 23, 2014

Today Bonnie brought the crew from CA for a day of paddling on the St Johns River. From 14 to 85 the whole group of 3 families were a real pleasure and a good time was had by all. The Bald Eagle and Barred Owl were the birding highlights of the day and we encountered many other feather friends as well. A few small Gators gave us a good look and the Peninsula Cooters and Red-bellied Turtles were out sunning on the logs. We had Manatee sightings a few feet away from our yaks and there is still lots of color in the Swamps of Snake Creek. The rusty color of the  Bald Cypress, purple Climbing Aster and yellow Primrose are all still lit up and the Alligator Flag is beginning to get it's Winter golden brown. It's always a fun time when you can spend it with family and friends!

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