Daytona Bike Week 2014 - Let's go paddling!

Today we got to celebrate Brian's birthday with him and Kelly and video a tour with John and Nick. The weather was absolutely beautiful! The St Johns River is a great place to explore and the wildlife came out to greet us. The Great Blue Herons are still fixing up their nests, the Little Blues, both in the white and blue phases, were all out fishing. We saw Great, Cattle and Snowy Egrets, Moorhens, Grebes and a few River Cooter and Red-bellied Turtles were out sunning too. There were several baby Alligators out swimming and sunning and the Manatees were basking in the 72 degree waters of Blue Springs. We got a few pearls today....  my sister Amy with Lee, Justin and Leigha just happened to be out boating and we got to visit with them a bit and on the way out, we saw an immature Florida Scrub-Jay learning to be the "Sentinel of the Family". There is always something new happening on the river and Mother Nature certainly blessed us today.

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