Yaking on the St Johns River April 3, 2014

Don't get all excited, it's Root Beer

We started out today with lots of sun and a nice warm breeze from the South. As we made our way around the island we found a big mat of floating vegetation had blocked the way...No Problem!!! We all got a good run at it and muscled our way through. We headed out towards the swamp and found 4 Great Blue Herons sitting on their nests. The Little Blue Herons in the white phase are running around and the adults in the blue phase are getting their bright blue bill...we call that their Ode de Toilet or breeding plumage. 3 Bald Eagles did a little dog fight 500 feet over our heads and there were lots of Turtles and Gators out sunning. We had a moment with one that we accidentally spooked off the bank and he pushed a huge wave our way...life is always an adventure on the river!

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