A Labor Day full of Central Florida wildlife 2015

We took to the water before the crowds on this Labor Day morning and the early trip paid off. The St Johns River is running high and we're able to paddle back into the swamps again. Up the spring run the black water faded to clear and the aquatic life became visible. Longnosed Gar by the dozen, Tilapia, Mullet, Bream, Bass and more. We had two Manatees come over for a visit and that was a nice summertime treat. On the big St Johns we spyed a Bald Eagle sitting high in the tree and 2 other Manatees feeding at the weedline. In Snake Creek we kayaked through the swamps where it was nice and quiet. It's like paddling through the trees. As we drifted back with the current we welcomed the overcast skies and it was a great day exploring the Central Florida wildlife.

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