A day with Grand Ma, Manatees and kayaking with the wildlife of Central Florida July 28, 2015

Susan came out for another adventure with us and this time brought her Grandson. How cool is that?! The light rain couldn't keep us off the St Johns River, it's backwaters and spring run. With ponchos on we set off to look for the wildlife. Up in the spring run's crystal clear water we got to see tons of Longnose Garfish, Bass and Bream among others and then we spotted the Manatees. There were 6 of them. They were playing and scratching their backs on this submerged Palm Tree and came over to see what we were all about. What a special sight that was! As we paddled around the swamps edge we saw a Snowy Egret all fluffed up trying to stay dry. There were 2 Little Blue Herons in the 1st year white phase and half a dozed Swallow-tailed Kites. Then we got to see an Alligator as he was crossing the river, what a jackpot day it was! You just never know what you might find out there.

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