The Manatees are back again!!! Feb. 20, 2013

We love celebrations and today we are celebrating lots of things...birthdays, the Manatees, vacations, life in general, beautiful weather, anything we can think of ;-). Today is Ralph's, Mel's, Gill's, Bob's, Melanie's, Kellye's, Andre's, Paul's, Carrie's, Ella's, Art's and Cindy's Manatee Tour!


Melanie and Bob Voltz said...

Thank you, Jenny, for the pictures.
We had such a great day.
Melanie and Bob Voltz

Art said...

Hi Jenny,

We had a fantastic day. Kenny sure knows his stuff.

We come to Florida every year or 2 and I would expect to join another of tour yours again.

Thanks for a great day!