Kayaking with the Manatees December 4th, 2012

The little guys just love to play around

Look Ma, no hands!

Yeah, maybe hands are better

Then Ted got a  Hi Five ;-)

Life's rough huh Adam ?

There's the big boy Gator!

Laura just a clickin' away ;-)

Art gets an aft nudge ;-)

Art and Susan get a little bow action from the friendly Manatee
Wow, what an absolutely beautiful day to be kayaking with Florida's Manatees. It's always such a treat when they come out to show off and bring their new ones to meet us (they like to show off too). The big gator was over on the other bank soaking up some rays and the Limpkins, Little Blue and Great Blue Herons, Ibis, Egrets, Wood Storks and even the Barred Owl and the Osprey were getting out for a bite to eat.

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Art Hochhauser said...

We had a great time. Your suggestion for the tour was perfect. Seeing the manatees up close was fantastic. Also was able to add two birds, the limpkin and the wood stork to my list.

Once again thanks for a great time.

Art Hochhauser