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St. Johns River/Blue Springs (Orange City, FL) Click HERE to book now

This historic river once the highway for commerce is now a paradise for wildlife. As one of the few rivers that flows North, several springs and tributaries join in to create estuaries for fish of all kinds. As you paddle over the clear waters of Blue Springs, it's like kayaking in an aquarium. Little Blue, Great Blue and Tri-colored Herons, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Wood Storks, Limpkins, Anhingas, Egrets, Alligators, Turtles, Garfish, Bass and many more species thrive here and call this place home. Just North of Orlando this is a relaxing 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour.

Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary
St Johns River I $59.00 (2-3 hours)
St Johns River II $89.00 (4-5 hours)

Winter Manatee Tour (Nov - Mar Orange City, FL) Click HERE to book now

Winter in Florida is a magical time. The Manatee comes inland to bask in the 72 degree waters of Florida's beautiful springs and to watch them frolic in their natural habitat is breathtaking. If you have never experienced this gentle creature, now is the time! This is an incredible 2-3 or 4-5 hour Orlando Kayak Tour.

Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary
Winter Manatee I $59.00 (2-3 hours)
Winter Manatee II $89.00 (4-5 hours)

Extreme Blackwater Lake (Eustis, FL) Click HERE to book now

These weathered trees tell many stories about the history of this land. Paddle through an enchanted blackwater forest to a beautiful lake rimmed with Cypress trees that are hundreds maybe even thousands of years old.  Less than an hour North of Orlando, this is a 2-3 hour treat.

Level of Difficulty: Previous Experience Necessary
Extreme Blackwater Lake I $59.00 (2-3 hours)

Rock Springs Run (Apopka, FL) Click HERE to book now

The water is crystal clear and home to many types of fish and wading birds. You'll also have a chance to see raccoon, bobcat, turtles, alligators etc. This spring run meanders through blooming water lilies, beautiful Moss covered Oak Trees and wide open savannas. There are many places to stop and relax or if you choose to, go for a swim. Being close to Orlando also makes this a great 2-3 hour tour!

Level of Difficulty: Some Experience Necessary
Rock Springs Run I $64.00 (2-3 hours)

Extreme Emerald Cut (Apopka, FL) Click HERE to book now

Paddle to the top and the river shoots you through the gap back to the bottom. This run takes you on some of Central Florida's fastest water and the narrow river screams excitement & fun to the experienced paddler. 45 minutes outside Orlando, this is an awesome 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour.

Level of Difficulty: Previous Experience Necessary
Extreme Emerald Cut I $64.00 (2-3 hours)
Extreme Emerald Cut II $94.00 (4-5 hours)

Wekiva River (Sanford, FL) Click HERE to book now

The Great Egret, American Bittern, Woodpeckers and Herons as well as many other waterfowl flourish on this river. The Ivory-billed Woodpecker at one time called this home. Three springs pour into this pristine river and the shallow waters create a fantastic environment for many different species of plants, fish and other wildlife. Sanford is located just outside of Orlando and we are able to do a 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour here.

Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary
Wekiva River I $59.00 (2-3 hours)
Wekiva River II $89.00 (4-5 hours)

Silver River (Silver Springs, FL) Click HERE to book now

Silver Springs, the second largest spring in Florida, creates the Silver River. Some twists and turns of this river can reach depths of 35 ft or more and it’s so clear that you can see the eel-grass flowing with the current on the bottom. Exceptionally scenic! You will definitely hone your paddling skills going upstream but a first magnitude spring makes the trip back a breeze! You’ll have a chance to see lots of wildlife; alligators, turtles, otters, wading birds, hawks, owls, raccoons, wild pigs and more. See giant garfish, armored catfish, bowfin and maybe even a monkey or 12. This is a beautiful 4-5 hour tour or for the full run it's an exhilarating 6-7 hour paddling trip.

Level of Difficulty: Must be in good shape or you will be when you’re done ;-)
Silver River I $89.00 (4-5 hours)
Silver River II $129.00 (6-7 hours)

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A day with Grand Ma, Manatees and kayaking with the wildlife of Central Florida July 28, 2015

Susan came out for another adventure with us and this time brought her Grandson. How cool is that?! The light rain couldn't keep us off the St Johns River, it's backwaters and spring run. With ponchos on we set off to look for the wildlife. Up in the spring run's crystal clear water we got to see tons of Longnose Garfish, Bass and Bream among others and then we spotted the Manatees. There were 6 of them. They were playing and scratching their backs on this submerged Palm Tree and came over to see what we were all about. What a special sight that was! As we paddled around the swamps edge we saw a Snowy Egret all fluffed up trying to stay dry. There were 2 Little Blue Herons in the 1st year white phase and half a dozed Swallow-tailed Kites. Then we got to see an Alligator as he was crossing the river, what a jackpot day it was! You just never know what you might find out there.

The Crystal Clear Waters of Blue Springs June 25, 2015

Paddling the St Johns River this morning with 2 families from MN and TX. We headed out to the back waters looking for the wildlife and found some Snowy Egrets, Great and Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets and an Osprey out fishing. The Red-shouldered Hawks were calling in the swamps and a Swallow-tailed Kite flew overhead. We kayaked over to enjoy the cool clear water of the spring run and wow what a difference the shade made. It's like Nature's A/C. There were tons of fish under our kayaks and that Alligator that's found a cool spot to sit on the bottom was there again. He's become a regular and what a sight he is. This is the epitome of Florida and it was a great day for paddling!

Kayak tours on Rock Springs Run, life's rough June 1, 2015

The Apple Snail Eggs are everywhere on Rock Springs Run's Water Lilies and 2 ft high on the Bull Rush, that's a good sign. The Limpkins were out looking for breakfast and the White Ibis, Red-shouldered Hawks, Swallow-tailed Kites, Great Egrets and Great and Little Blue Herons were out as well. The sun heated things up so a swim was had by all in the 72 degree crystal clear waters of the river. We got to see several Turtles and a few nice sized Alligators sunning on the big log and it was an awesome day... life's rough ;-).

Paddling the clear springs of Central Florida just rocks!

Every once in a while a female Manatee will stay in the spring run for the entire year and use the sanctuary as a safe haven. This is one of those years. Today we got to see a baby Manatee that was less than 24 hours old. While his Momma is 13 ft long or so he was only about 2.5 feet long and cute as a bug's ear. The Ospreys, Red-shouldered Hawks and American Coots were out and about today and back in the swamps we saw some Wild Turkeys walking on the newly dried up floor of the island. The big Gator was sitting under the Oak Tree while back in the creek we saw a few smaller ones and several Turtles out sunning. It was a beautiful day to be on the river and once again she blessed us with the jewels of nature!